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Feodor Chin - Comedy Reel
Iron Oxide Productions

Feodor Chin - Comedy Reel

Feodor Chin - Comedy Reel

Feodor Chin - Drama Reel

Feodor Chin - Video Game Reel


Feodor Chin is an LA-based actor, writer, and comedian from San Francisco, CA. As an actor, he was classically trained at UCLA, the American Conservatory Theater, and has studied with renowned acting coach, Larry Moss. He was a Maude Night performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for three seasons. TV credits include BIG LITTLE LIES, GOOD TROUBLE, AMERICAN AUTO, PAM & TOMMY, MEDICAL POLICE, LETHAL WEAPON, JANE THE VIRGIN, THE AFFAIR, SPEECHLESS, and NEW GIRL. Animation credits include FUTURAMA, Marvel's WHAT IF...? and HIT-MONKEY, Cartoon Network's REGULAR SHOW, and the title role in Netflix's UNCLE FROM ANOTHER WORLD. He is the voice of Zenyatta and Lee Sin in the hit video games, OVERWATCH and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. He was a performer for the ABC Discovers Talent Showcase and a writer for the CBS Diversity Comedy Showcase, and has never met a braised meat he didn't like. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @FeoChin.

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