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Daughters of DC

From today:

Einhorn's Epic Productions & iHeartRadio have announced that Daughters of DC, a new, 12-episode YA political thriller scripted podcast series, premieres today, September 22, 2020. New episodes of Daughters of DC will be available to download every Tuesday on all podcast platforms, including iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

Listen to the episode below!

The voice cast for Daughters of DC features Kimberly Woods ("Westworld") as Jaymes Parker, Melissa Van Der Schyff (Bonnie and Clyde) as Peyton Blackburn, Thalia Romina (Liz Swados's Political Snorts) as Natalie Rosenberg and Suzie Yeung ("Kemono Friends") as Celia Liu. Daughters of DC will also feature a cameo appearance from writer, actress and author Franchesca Ramsey. Additional cast members include Ogie Banks, Kay Bess, Vic Chao, Feodor Chin, Darin De Paul, Paul Guyet, Yuri Lowenthal, Brandon Middleton, Stephanie Sheh, Richard Tatum, Jeannie Tirado, Andia Winslow, Marshall York and JB Blanc.

...continue reading here!

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