AudioFile loves We Two Alone

I had the privilege of narrating ⁦Jack Wang’s outstanding WE TWO ALONE along with the great ⁦Natalie Naudus⁩. Deeply moving stories of the Chinese diaspora. Thanks to AudioFile Magazine for this incredible review: The gentle, almost serene, style with which Feodor Chin and Natalie Naudus perform this audiobook provides a soothing contrast to the intense stories in this extraordinary collection... While each story stands alone, the audiobook as a whole benefits from the power

AI 2041

In AI 2041, I narrate the author Kai-Fu Lee's analyses of a series of short stories dealing with the question: "How will artificial intelligence change our world within 20 years?" The short stories are narrated by James Chen, Soneela Nankani, Mirron Willis, Emily Woo Zeller, Siho Ellsmore, and Fajer Al-Kaisi. Listen to AI 2041 out now on Audible. #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO


Have you ever wondered when fish sleep or why clocks run clockwise or why you look up when thinking? Then listen to Imponderables, out today on Audible. Compiled by David Feldman and narrated by Erin Bennett and yours truly, Imponderables takes an entertaining and educational deep dive into those questions you've always pondered. Listen now. #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO

The Best Short Stories of 2021

The Best Short Stories 2021: The O. Henry Prize Winners is out today. In this collection, I narrate To the Dogs, written by Jianan Qian, originally published in Granta Magazine. Listen now on Audible. #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Hannya

I will HAUNT your DREAMS. Ghostwire: Tokyo coming Spring 2022. #GhostwireTokyo #Hannya #ComingSoon #KingofVO #TGMDatwork

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Get your tickets this weekend to support the #GoldOpen of the new Marvel superhero movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I was lucky enough to do some post-production ADR (additional voices) on this exciting film. #ShangChi #Marvel #KingofVO #grateful

The Laughing Canoe

I'm back this week for another episode of Circle Round, WBUR's storytelling podcast for children. This time, I play the greedy Farmer in The Laughing Canoe, a story from Brazil. This episode also features the voices of Ken Jackson, Igor Shimelonis, Sid Sholley, and George Salazar, from NBC’s Superstore and the Broadway production of Be More Chill. This episode was adapted for Circle Round by Rebecca Sheir

Behind the Mic podcast

Thank you AudioFile Magazine for even more praise for Ming Tsu! Make sure Tom Lin’s The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu is at the very top of your summer reading/listening list, my friends. Many thanks to reviewer Alan Minskoff for his effusive praise. Do you know Feodor Chin? He's very, very good... He's really good with the western genre, and with the tall tale... I couldn't get enough of it... Feodor Chin inhabits the heart, and soul, and mind of Ming Tsu... It's a remarkably

Twitch with Carolina Ravassa

TOMORROW. TUESDAY 8/10 at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT join me and the always entertaining Carolina Ravassa as we shoot the shit. Watch at #Overwatch #Sombra #Zenyatta #RepresentationMatters #KingofVO

AudioFile features The Thousand Crimes...

I could go on and on about how great Tom Lin’s debut novel THE THOUSAND CRIMES OF MING TSU is but why not find out for yourself? A bold new take on the classic Western from a distinctly Chinese American POV. Read or listen to it today! Thanks to AudioFile Magazine for this feature. #RepresentationMatters #AsianExcellence #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO #AudioFile

A Song Everlasting

A Song Everlasting: A Novel by National Book Award-winning author Ha Jin is out today. I narrated the audiobook version of this timely novel that follows a famous Chinese singer severed from his country, as he works to find his way in the United States. Listen on Audible or wherever you get your audiobooks. #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO

The Patched-Up Coat

Wait wait… is that me and Jessica Rau with NPR’s Peter Sagal on the latest episode of Circle Round?! Circle Round is the hit storytelling podcast out of Boston's NPR station, WBUR. This episode was adapted for Circle Round by Rebecca Sheir. It was edited by Supervising Producer Amory Sivertson. Original music and sound design is by Eric Shimelonis. Our artist is Sabina Hahn. #circleroundpodcast #children

One year of Ghost of Tsushima

Happy birthday, GHOST OF TSUSHIMA! Let’s get LIT. I'll be celebrating on Twitch with my Tsushima boys Daisuke Tsuji and Earl Kim at 4pm PST today at Join us! #GhostOfTsushima #OneYearAnniversary #LordAdachi #AdachiIsLit #KingofVO

Earphones Award for Ming Tsu

THANK YOU ⁦AudioFile Magazine⁩! So honored and so proud to win an Earphones Award for ⁦Tom Lin’s outstanding debut novel THE THOUSAND CRIMES OF MING TSU. From AudioFile Magazine: Narrator Feodor Chin beautifully performs this revenge story set in the post Civil War American West. Ming Tsu, born in America and orphaned at birth, was raised by a California crime boss who taught him how to survive in a violent world. After Ming is forcibly recruited by the Union Pacific Railroad

The Mountain Guardian

This week on Circle Round, listen for me as the selfish uncle in The Mountain Guardian. Circle Round is a storytelling podcast for children from WBUR Boston. This episode also features the voices of Faith Salie, Alonzo Bodden and Audrey Hsieh. Look for Audrey Hsieh in the new comedy, Here Today, as well as Netflix’s upcoming music-driven film, Mixtape. And listen for Alonzo Bodden on the podcast, Who’s

The Perfect Police State

I narrated the audiobook for The Perfect Police State: An Undercover Odyssey into China's Terrifying Surveillance Dystopia of the Future by Geoffrey Cain, out today. This book is "a riveting investigation into how a restive region of China became the site of a nightmare Orwellian social experiment - the definitive police state - and the global technology giants that made it possible." Listen on to The Perfect Police State on Audible

Paper Son

Listen to the inspiring biography of animator Tyrus Wong, the Chinese-American immigrant responsible for bringing Disney's Bambi to life. I narrated this beautiful true story written by Julie Leung. Listen now on Audible. #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO

We Two Alone

Check out Jack Wang's OUTSTANDING new collection of short stories We Two Alone, out now. Natalie Naudus and I narrated these meaningful stories highlighting the diversity of the Chinese diaspora over the past century. Listen now on Audible #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO

We Two Alone - virtual launch

One of the BEST books I’ve ever narrated, Jack Wang’s WE TWO ALONE is a short story collection like no other. A powerful and rarely seen look at the Chinese diaspora through history and around the world. JOIN US for the virtual launch TUESDAY 6/8 7pm EDT/4pm PDT. Register: (Event archived here: #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO

The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

CONGRATS to Tom Lin and his OUTSTANDING debut novel THE THOUSAND CRIMES OF MING TSU. Had the honor of narrating the audiobook version of this bold and fresh new take on the classic American Western. If TRUE GRIT meets JOHN WICK sounds good to you, check it out TODAY. Listen now on Audible. #audiobook #narrator #KingofVO